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  • 2024 Jeju Expats Festival to Take Place on June 8
    The 2024 Jeju Expats Festival is set to be held on June 8 from 4 PM to 9 PM at Tapdong Seaside Amphitheater in Jeju City. Started in 2012 and now in its 11th year, the Jeju Expats Festival is sponsored by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and organized by Headline Jeju, one of leading news media in Jeju. A team of expats in Jeju have actively participated in the planning process of the event to showcase music and performances they have prepared together, which will create a space for cultural exchange. This year’s festival will feature a variety of cultural elements shared with local residents, including a music festival and performances by expats, as well as friendship performances with local music teams from Jeju. The event will kick off at 6 PM with a congratulatory performance by Global Nanta Volunteer Society and Swell Sity, followed by a total of 12 performances and stage acts prepared by foreign residents. Additional events will include a flea market and exchange zone for expats’ collections and handmade crafts, as well as interactive programs such as art experiences and accessory making, held from 4 PM to 7:30 PM around the venue. All events will be conducted in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Korean. Choi Myung-dong, Director of Planning and Coordination at Jeju Province, stated, "We hope that the Jeju Expats Festival will become a platform for people from diverse cultures to understand and communicate with each other," adding, "We will continue to strive to share the beauty of Jeju, an international free city."
  • BIO KOREA 2024 Opens Registration for Business Partnering
    BIO KOREA 2024, jointly held by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President: Cha Soon-do) and Chungcheongbuk-do (Governor: Kim Young-hwan), has commenced its registration for Business Partnering on March 4, 2024 (Mon.). Business Partnering, one of the major programs at BIO KOREA, provides opportunities for one-on-one meetings between companies at home and abroad, alongside pertinent institutions within the BioHealth sector. This business matchmaking will foster discussions on potential business and research collaborations, encompassing collaborative research, market-entry, and technology transfers. In 2023, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions has led to increased participation. As many as 782 companies from 51 countries attended on-site events and 1,320 business meetings were arranged. This year, the Business Partnering Center will be expanded to provide more opportunities for participating companies to make business connections. Throughout the three-day event from May 8 (Wed.) to May 10 (Fri.), the Business Partnering will unfold both online and offline on the sidelines of BIO KOREA 2024. In particular, online meetings will be supported round-the-clock to guarantee seamless engagements with international counterparts. Companies seeking to engage in the Business Partnering should register through either the FCA or OPA options. Those pre-registering with the FCA by April 30 (Tue.), will receive a 10% discount. * FCA (Full Convention Access): Grants in-person participation across all programs, including conferences, exhibitions, and Business Partnering, for the three-day event. * OPA (Online Partnering Access): Provides access to online business partnering activities over the three-day event. Due to an overwhelming response from domestic and overseas entities, applications for participation in the fair have closed earlier than anticipated. This year, at least 50 foreign companies and research institutions are expected to be present with delegations from Business Sweden in Seoul, the Danish Embassy in Korea, Austrade, and Biocom California in the USA. Furthermore, a heightened presence of local enterprises from various countries, such as Germany, Thailand, and Taiwan, is expected to explore commercial prospects with Korean companies, given their participation in the national pavilion booths. Participants include major domestic and foreign companies, including ST Pharm, Yuhan Corporation, Lonza, Wuxi Apptech, Fujifilm, and Labcorp. Exhibition booths for advanced regenerative medicine companies, including a Special Hall for AI featuring digital healthcare companies, will be opened as well. More information is available on the BIO KOREA 2024 website (www.biokorea.org). Companies interested in Business Partnering can register via the website. Website: http://www.biokorea.org/
  • BIO KOREA 2024: Registration Now Open for Programs and Booths
    BIO KOREA 2024, jointly hosted by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President: Cha Soon-do) and Chungcheongbuk-do (Governor: Kim Young-hwan), commenced entry registration and exhibition participating company recruitment from December 4, 2023. The event will be held at COEX in Seoul, Korea from May 8th to 10th, 2024.BIO KOREA, marking its 19th edition in 2024, has established itself as the preeminent bio-industry event in Korea. For the past 18 years, BIO KOREA has served as a catalyst for business revitalization and technological exchange between domestic and foreign companies, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration within the biohealth sector.Held in May of this year, BIO KOREA 2023 witnessed the participation of approximately 29,400 individuals from 780 companies across 51 countries, resulting in around 1,300 business meetings. Additionally, approximately 330 companies from 18 countries showcased their technologies through approximately 440 exhibition booths. Thematic exhibition halls, such as those dedicated to advanced regenerative medicine, CMO, and CDMO, were operated alongside national halls featuring booths from leading overseas companies from Australia, Canada, Germany, and others, fostering continuous technological and business exchanges among participating companies.BIO KOREA 2024 will feature exhibitions of domestic and international biohealth companies, as well as a range of programs including business partnering, conferences, and an Invest Fair.In particular, to provide visitors with a more enriching experience, a special AI hall featuring booths of digital healthcare companies will be operated, along with a docent tour program to assist in visitors' understanding of the participating companies. An unmanned poster exhibition will also be held in the rest area to provide more companies with an opportunity to participate in the exhibition.Early bird registrations made between December 4, 2023, and February 16, 2024 (Fri.), will receive a 30% discount, while registrations received by April 30, 2024 (Tue.), will receive a 10% discount. On-site registration is also available.Exhibition Booth DiscountsApplications received by February 16, 2024 (Fri.), will receive a 10% discount on exhibition fees, while applications received by April 5, 2024 (Fri.), will receive a 5% discount. Companies that participated in BIO KOREA 2023 will receive an additional 5% discount.BIO KOREA 2024 website provides comprehensive information on not only the exhibitions but also various programs, including the new company presentation program, business partnering opportunities, and the Invest Fair.BIO KOREA entry and exhibition registrations can be conveniently completed on the BIO KOREA website at www.biokorea.org. Website: http://www.biokorea.org/
  • Beyond Medtech: Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan Sets New Stage for Global Innovation in Future AI Healthcare
    The Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan, currently taking place at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from November 30 to December 3, 2023, is poised to redefine the landscape of AI healthcare on a global scale. This year's edition boasts the remarkable participation of 650 companies, occupying 2,300 booths, and has garnered the attention of leading technology firms and hospitals across the Asia-Pacific region. Taiwan‘s pivotal role in the AI-related supply chain is underscored by its impressive contribution, manufacturing AI chips, and over 90% of the world’s AI servers. This proficiency positions Taiwan as a key player in driving substantial computing power, establishing it as an indispensable global collaborator in the realm of AI healthcare. The Expo is showcasing an extensive array of AI applications and solutions, encompassing AI infrastructure, cloud and high-performance computing servers, AI-enabled medical devices and diagnostics, and generative AI for workflow optimization. Participating medical centers from Taiwan, together with their IT/ICT sector partners and multinational giants such as Intel and Microsoft, aim to address healthcare challenges and foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Anticipating the attendance of over 30,000 professionals from the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern Europe, and the Gulf, the organizer foresees substantial interest from industry associations in the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Czech Republic, as well as rapidly growing economies such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Strategic partnerships with Taiwan's healthcare industry are in the spotlight, with more than 500 scheduled B2B meetings designed to facilitate trade discussions and catalyze new business ventures. Distinguishing itself as the only trade fair globally with a focus on hospitals, Healthcare+ Expo has experienced consistent annual growth of 15% in event scale over its seven-year history. It has evolved into one of the most sought-after gatherings in the Asia-Pacific region for healthcare professionals. Concurrently, the Expo is hosting major events, including the MEDTEX Summit Asia and the Cancer Treatment and Precision Medicine in APAC forum. The Healthcare+ Expo 2024 is scheduled for December 5 to 8, 2024, and will continue to serve as a catalyst for transformative advancements and collaborative breakthroughs in the ever-evolving landscape of AI healthcare.
  • Korea To Nurture Tech-Competitive MPE Companies
    The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) held the eleventh MPE (materials, parts and equipment) Industry Competitiveness Committee meeting on April 18 and announced the Ministry’s plan to nurture MPE firms into global companies with top-notch technological competitiveness and to expand core MPE areas and related strategic technologies. The globalization strategy has been established to enable Korea’s MPE industries to respond to the rapidly changing global high-tech industrial landscape and serve as core supply chain partners. First, the Korean government will push the development of high-tech MPE by placing emphasis on the three keywords: challenge, speed and open collaboration. The seven areas and 150 technologies in MPE industries will be expanded to 10 areas and 200 technologies by adding three new areas, namely space, defense and hydrogen. Each area will receive differentiated support depending on the nature of the industrial ecosystem. For future materials and supercritical materials, a KRW 300 billion prefeasibility study will be launched (tentatively titled “MPE Alchemist Project”), and artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation (DX) will help shorten the development phase of 21 new materials, such as lightweight hybrid resin and super-tough biodegradable fiber. The Government intends to also expand the global R&D cooperation network. While advancing the domestic supplier-buyer cooperation model, the scope of collaboration will be extended to include overseas buyers and clusters. Second, Korea aims to support MPE firms’ production innovation to function as an innovation hub in the global supply chain. By newly designating the national high-tech strategic special industrial complex and the MPE complex in the first half and third quarter of 2023, respectively, an innovation-leading national industrial map can be developed to form the world’s core cluster for high-tech MPE industries, creating a virtuous cycle across national strategic industries, MPE industries and regional industries. Moreover, MOTIE will add to the currently 66 “top specialty” MPE firms so that their number reaches 200 by 2030, and provide special support to domestic MPE firms to nurture them into solid MPE powerhouses. The growth roadmap for relevant items and companies will be drawn up with the help of the best internal and external tech and market experts, which will be supported throughout seven plus years of long-term R&D integrating both source and commercial technology. Third, the Government will give full measure to promote exports so that Korea can grow into a supply chain core partner. Firms will be closely supported throughout all stages of export, from overseas market research to local market penetration. Considering the strong B2B tendencies of MPE items, the focus will be on finding “Big Buyers”, reinforcing B2B matching programs with domestic companies and utilizing the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)’s overseas Global Partnering (GP) centers as major export bases for MPE firms. Minister Lee Chang-yang remarked that “bold investment and seamless support will be provided for the MPE industry, as it is the core of both the manufacturing ecosystem and high-tech industry’s competitiveness.”
  • BIO KOREA 2023 Opens Registration for Business Partnering
    The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President: Cha Soon-do) and Chungcheongbuk-do (Governor: Kim Young-hwan) invite companies to participate in the Business Partnering of BIO KOREA 2023, an event jointly hosted by the organizations.The Business Partnering, one of the key programs of BIO KOREA 2023, is aimed at discussing various business opportunities and research cooperation plans, such as for joint studies, market entry, and technology transactions, etc., through one-on-one meetings between companies and organizations in the bio-health fields.The Business Partnering will be concurrently run online and offline from May 10 (Wed.) to 12 (Fri.) during when BIO KOREA 2023 is scheduled to take place. In particular, the online meetings will be held around the clock (24 hours) to ensure successful meetings with overseas companies.Companies intending to participate in the Business Partnering should register for FCA (Full Convention Access) or OPA (Online Partnering Access). Companies completing FCA registration by May 5 (Fri.) are eligible for a 10% discount and participation in all programs of BIO KOREA 2023, such as conferences, exhibitions, and the Business Partnering.· FCA (Full Convention Access): Participation in all programs of the BIO KOREA 2023, including Conferences, Exhibitions, and Business Partnering.· OPA (Online Partnering Access): Participation in the Business Partnering (24 hours)BIO KOREA has been running offline-focused programs since last year as the global COVID-19 pandemic gradually subsides. With the pandemic situation improving, BIO KOREA 2023 International Convention has seen a growing interest from overseas companies.Through a delegation organized by the Australian and Canadian Embassies in Korea, at least 20 overseas companies and research institutes in the fields of anti-cancer chemotherapy, cell therapy, gene therapy, and CRO, etc. will attend the event. In addition, overseas companies participating in the event through the respective country booths of Germany, Thailand, and Taiwan, etc. will make a direct visit to BIO KOREA 2023 and search for business opportunities with the Korean companies.Ferring Pharmaceuticals of the Switzerland, which obtained the FDA approval for a microbiome new drug and a gene therapy product for bladder cancer last year, will participate in the Business Partnering to seek collaboration opportunities with the promising Korean companies known for gene therapy, microbiome, and gynecologic and infertility treatment technologies.Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Foundation (RMAF), Korean Fund for Regenerative Medicine (KFRM), and Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine (CARM) will jointly organize and operate an advanced regenerative medicine booth. Through participation in the booth, around 30 companies, hospitals and related organizations in the fields of gene and cell therapy and immune cell therapy, and CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organizations) for regenerative medicine as well as Genemedicine, Cellid, and HK inno.N will attend the Business Partnering.A KHIDI official said, “In 2022, we provided an opportunity for continuous technological exchange to the participants by operating the Business Partnering both online and offline, and 730 meetings were held among 421 persons from 32 countries. This year, by focusing on holding the Business Partnering on offline channels, we will dedicate the utmost efforts to broadening the opportunities for direct exchange with overseas companies, providing a venue for more active business discussions, and therefore building a foundation for the global market entry by Korean companies.”Companies looking to participate in the Business Partnering can submit the application on the BIO KOREA website. Website: http://www.biokorea.org/
  • Jeju's Clean Beauty Brand MAROHAN Introduces Camellia Essence & Cream
    Marohan, one of top clean beauty brands in Korea, today announced the launch of an innovative new collection of skincare products, Camellia Barrier Core Essence and Camellia Barrier Core Cream, made with locally produced Camellia flower extract. The collection combines the excellent antioxidant properties of camellia flower extract with useful ingredients to create healthy, radiant skin. Taking inspiration from the tradition of using camellia fruits and flowers for healthy skin and body among localities, the brand has been focusing on extracting and commercializing the active ingredients of camellia flowers. The camellia flower extract was produced by the subcritical water extraction method, which has recently been attracting attention as an eco-friendly technique. To launch the collection, the brand has partnered with researchers at the department of chemistry and cosmetics at Jeju National University and scientists at Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center. The products are using EWG verified materials, are DERMATEST certified, and are registered with the Vegan Society. "Jeju, known as the cleanest island in Korea, is rich in various bio-resources. Marohan is dedicated to developing and commercializing these resources as clean beauty products," said Ms. Kang Sung-hee, Marohan's brand owner and CEO of Dongan Co., Ltd. For more information about Marohan visit www.marohan.com or catch the brand on instagram @marohan.
  • Cosmoprof Asia Announces New Show Dates in 2022
    Cosmoprof Asia, Asia’s leading beauty trade fair, which was scheduled to be held on 17-19 November 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, has announced the 25th edition will move to 16 – 18 November 2022. Considering the on-going uncertainty associated with the pandemic, and travel restrictions still being in place, the Organisers, in consultation with customers and industry stakeholders, decided to host the show in 2022, when international trade and business are expected to return and participants can enjoy the high-quality event they have come to expect. While waiting to meet each other face-to-face in November 2022, Cosmoprof Asia’s beauty community will have the opportunity to participate in an international digital event to maintain business connections and commercial interactions. From 8 to 16 November 2021, Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week will return to offer a match-making platform for buyers and sellers to interact with companies, view new product launches, place orders, meet clients and potential customers, and stay up to date on beauty trends and technology in 2021/2022. “Such a tough decision to move the date of the in-person event aims to guarantee safety and proper business conditions to our international exhibitors and operators,” said Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of BolognaFiere Group and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “For more than two decades, Cosmoprof Asia has gathered under one roof companies, buyers, retailers, and distributors from all over the world, who are interested in new opportunities in the fastest-growing markets of the APAC region. Our stakeholders deserve a highly performing exhibition during these tumultuous times.” “We believe this is the best decision for both exhibitors and visitors,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “We are 100% committed to delivering a high-quality event that will offer true value to all participants. We want all our attendees to feel safe and comfortable when returning to the show in 2022.” Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Asia will be an ideal showcase for the entire cosmetics industry, from finished products and brands to packaging suppliers and manufacturers, joining in Hong Kong from across the world. In 2019, Cosmoprof Asia hosted 2,955 exhibitors from 48 countries and regions and 40,046 buyers from 129 countries and regions.
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